Your Opportunity to Invest in PEI’s Renewable Energies

The PEI Bio-Heat Investment Fund is a planned CEDB which gives Islanders an opportunity to invest in PEI’s local economy, creating jobs, help the environment while making a decent return on investment.

This is made possible with generous PEI tax breaks which are destined to promote PEI economic development projects and PEI businesses. Here are some highlights:

  • Get generous tax credits: 35% from province + RRSP tax breaks
  • Build PEI’s renewable resources and reduce dependance on volatile foreign oil
  • Keep your investment dollars in PEI and develop the Island’s economy
  • Create jobs locally.
  • Help combat climate change
  • Support a transition from clear-cutting to sustainable forest management.

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Project Summary

Our project can be summarized in three complementary components as illustrated below. The proposed Community Investment Fund will be a place where Islanders can invest their money, get a return and support the type of development they want. In this case, we are moving away from oil as a heating source, creating local fuel sources while improving the quality of our forests.

Project Overview

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Why Invest?

There are many good reasons to invest in this project. This is one of those rare projects which allows you to think with your pocketbook, but also with your conscience. The main reasons to invest can be summarized as follows:

  1. Make Money and Cut Your Taxes: It’s probably the best return on investment you’ll find in PEI: with 35% tax break from the province + RRSP + potential return on investment.
  2. Contribute to Local Economic Development: Create jobs for PEI, develop the forestry industry sustainably, help PEI move away from Fossil Fuels.
  3. Environment and Sustainability: You can also help the environment while helping yourself. This project aims to improve the health of our forests, while combatting climate change and keeping our energy resources local.

Make Money and Cut Your Taxes

  1. Tax Breaks+ Return on Investment: Thanks to the government’s dedication to develop local economic development projects and to pursue biomass heating, this allows a unique opportunity for tremendous value on investment. The CEDB program offers 35% in provincial tax breaks as well as RRSP eligibility. Our goal for this project is to also provide annual dividends. We cannot give specific % ROI yet, because we are still in the application process and the offering document must be reviewed by the PEI Securities Commission before any specifics are announced.
  2. An Investment Based On Assets: Your investments will be based on a real assets – forests, wood fired furnaces and 20-year sale of heat contracts – which will generate a stable, steady revenue stream. We want Islanders to feel confident in their investments and we hope to inspire that trust.

Contribute to Local Economic Development

  1. Job Creation: We are excited by the potential for local economic growth with the projects we are seeking to establish.  The installation, maintenance of boilers will create jobs, the production of wood chips as fuel and it’s delivery as well. Jobs will also be created in sustainable forest management. There are several new industries which will be created with our projects.
  2. More jobs created than other Renewables: It must be noted that renewable biomass and sustainable forestry, taken together, create on average 4 times more jobs than Wind or Solar.
  3. Savings for Schools and Hospitals: We also know that there are huge savings for schools and hospitals which they can use for better purposes than purchasing fossil fuels.
  4. Taking Control of Development: Often Islanders feel that strategic decisions are made without enough of their input. This project is democratic in the sense that Islanders can choose to invest in the direction of sustainability based on local resources.
  5. Developing Local Fuel Sources: As we all know, fossil fuels are depleting  fast and their costs are rising rapidly (250% increase in 10 years). We believe that having wood, a renewable and sustainable source will strengthen PEI in the coming years and reduce dependance on foreign, potentially unstable sources of fuel.
  6. Keep Capital in PEI: Every year $90 million in investments leave PEI in RRSP investments alone.  This project will be able to keep this money in PEI and use it to develop our communities.
  7. Local Multiplier Impact:  The money that is locally invested will locally be reinvested locally and will have a multiplier effect, whether it’d be for Island businesses, Island schools and hospitals as well as all those who are affected by this project.

Environmental and Sustainability Benefits

  1. Sustainable Forest Management: As explained earlier, the forests of PEI will be strengthened with our comprehensive forest management plan. Our goal is to sustainably harvest the forests to produce fuel for our boilers while revitalizing the native Acadian Forest species.
  2. Fighting Climate Change: With our forest management plan, we believe we can do our part to reduce CO2 and other emissions by managing forests and allowing more growth than our boilers will consume. The reduction in oil consumed and the increase in forest health will aid in this global context of climate change, potential droughts and other environmental challenges.
  3. Investing in Renewable Energies: Islanders will be investing in a local, and truly renewable source of fuel.

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How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?:
Local investors in Community Economic Development Businesses (CEDB) will receive relatively generous personal income tax credits (35%) for their commitment to local community investment.

What is a CEDB?: 
A CEDB is an incorporated business with a board of directors.

How Do You Set-Up a CEDB?: 
It is not a simple process and there’s a lot of steps. This ensures for a better project as well as investor protection. First a board of directors must be formed and the CEDB incorporated. After this, an offering document must be written and approved by the PEI Department of Finance. This process takes several months as many issues are reviewed: insurance, accounting, legal, project viability etc.

Who can Invest: 

Minimum Investment:

Maximum Investment:
20,000$ to get the 35% provincial tax break.  One can invest more, and they will still get RRSP deductions and return on investment.

When Can I Invest?: 
There are several steps to registering a CEDB, we are currently on that process and we will be registered shortly.

For the time being please join the mailing list and let us know that you’re interested. If you have questions or even hesitations please give us a call and we’ll discuss any question you may have.

More info: If you’re interested in learning more about CEDBs, please consult the PEI Government information page CEDBs.


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